Find clarity through Psychotherapy

My name is Sarah Dewsbery and I’m a psychoanalytic psychotherapist (registered with the UKCP) working in central Bristol. I offer individual psychotherapy to adults for long or short-term treatment.

At times most of us experience some form of distress or painful feelings. You may be anxious, depressed or feeling confused about your relationships or work. You may not be where you thought you might be at this point in your life. You may be facing painful experiences through illness, bereavement or family breakdown. Or you may not know why you are feeling as you do and feel lost and want to understand what is happening to you and why.     

Psychotherapy offers a consistent space for you to talk freely and in confidence about your concerns and is an opportunity to understand what underlies your current difficulties. Talking these issues through with a therapist can help to bring some clarification to the feelings you are struggling with. Although this process can be challenging at times, it can also be rewarding and enable you to move on and make new choices.

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